... delete a public message?

In normal circumstances it is not possible to delete a public message.

The reason we don’t allow deletion of public notes is best illustrated in the following scenario:

  • Let us assume student A poses an important question that is subsequently answered by the lecturer B.
  • Student C sees the question and the answer, and having had the same question the answer remains relevant to his or her learning process.
  • Student A now deletes the question and the answer because it has now been clarified.
  • Student C remembers the question and searches again for the answer shortly before an examination on videoonline but is unable to find anything. 

This shows: as soon as notes and questions are shared with other users they become relevant for all lecture participants. The other users of videoonline rely on the content that they have viewed on the platform remaining available during the entire learning process. 

What happens if there is a mistake in the public note?

In this case the note can be edited and corrected

What happens if a note has to be deleted?

The administrators of videoonline can delete the note under special circumstances. In this case please send a request to videoonline@lrz.uni-muenchen.de. Please include a link to the relevant lecture and state reasons why the note should be deleted.