General problems with the lecture player

It may have several causes if you have problems with the lecture player player:

  • Activate javascript and cookies in your browser and reload the page
  • If you are using the VPN-Client oft the LRZ then you should try cutting and restarting the connection.
  • The streaming server could be temporarily overloaded. Try loading the video again after a few minutes

ONLY If you use Windows 7 AND Internet Explorer 11:

  • Use another browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge)
  • Install the current version of ADOBE Flash Player
  • It is possible that a firewall is blocking the access to the video streaming server. The port 1935 has to be open.
    • If you use a private firewall you should temporarly deaktivate it to test if it is the reason for the problem
    • If you are using a company network ask the system administrator if the 1935 port is open

Before you contact us please check if you have the problem with a different browser and internet connection.

If subsequent attempts fail then please inform us using the feedback form