The video keeps stopping or freezes totally. What should I do?

Normally this happens because your connection to the internet is weak. Due to data protection rules our videos have to be streamed directly from the server and are not available for download.

Try the following hints if you encounter these problems:

  1. Reduce the video resolution in the settings menu - the lower the number, the lower the necessary internet bandwidth
  2. Check your network speed to our servers with -> for 1080p you should have a constant speed above 5Mbit
  3. Use a cable connection to the internet if possible Verwenden 
  4. If you have to use WIFI:
    • Ensure that not much other people use the WIFI the same time
    • Try to be as near to the WIFI access point as possible
  5. Try to access to the internet with our mobile phone if you have a bad WIFI connection
    • Ensure that you have at least a 4G/LTE connection 
  6. Deactivate VPN-connections
  7. Don´t download other data in the background  (Be aware that your operation system may load big updates without your knowledge!)