Campus login: Information on the UnterrichtsMitschau.

All videos can be supplemented with your own input (notes). You can structure the lecture content to suit your personal requirements.

You can also share your notes with other students, or pose questions which can also be answered by fellow students

The lecture content with all additional notes can be printed as a personal transcript

In order to use these features you will need to log-in to the LMU portal with your campus log-in.

Login mit de LMU Kennung


Important: You can only use the application when you are logged in!

lectures at a glance in the overview. It is possible to choose a specific lecture- in addition there is a direct link to the most recent recording of this lecture series. Under the heading ‘Notes’ you can access all of your own notes and you can jump straight to that part of the video. 

A short demonstration showing you how to use ‘UnterrrichtsMitschau’ can be found in our TUTORIAL