... print my own personal lecture transcript?

While watching a lecture: It is possible to print out the following variants of the notes by clicking on Notes > Print.

  1. Only notes: this is a print of a list of all the notes that are available in the current lecture. (Any options you have activated in ‘search and filters’ will be ignored)
  2. Notes  and corresponding slides: The slides will printed with the corresponding notes. Slides with no accompanying notes will not be included.
  3. Advanced print settings: Here it is possible to choose which slides (and the corresponding notes) are to be printed.

According to the print option chosen a new window will open with the slides and notes. To print just use the browser’s own print option. 


It is also possible to print out the transcript without opening the application: 


Can I edit my personal transcript in a document such as Word?

Yes, either by copying and pasting the text into an empty WordDoc or by saving the text in the browser and opening it with Word (right click to ‘open with…’)

You can find more information on working with the recorded lectures in our tutorial.