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[PREVIEW] DCMUC16 Session Recordings

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This page is meant to preview the recordings from DCMUC16. The videos displayed here may still need some minor editing (e.g. color correction, audio optimization, etc.) and are merely preliminary previews.

To complete the videos for publication we require the presentations shown during the conference. If you have not done so already, please send us your presentation as soon as possible, since publication is not possible without it.

Also required to finish the process is your signed consent form. Session recordings without signed consent will be permanently deleted after April 7th, 2017.

Approvals, disapprovals or editing requests, as well as presentations for post-production of the recordings are to be sent to Maxime Pedrotti at LMU Munich: maxime.pedrotti@lmu.de


  • Green sessions are finished and will be transferred to the public page shortly.
  • Orange sessions are still awaiting final processing, or we are waiting for slides and/or consent.
  • Red sessions have either been transferred to the public page or have been rejected by the respective speaker.